Monday, July 30, 2012

Salt Creek Grille-- El Segundo, CA

Salt Creek Grille has several locations in CA and NJ. We went to the one in El Segundo, California, which has a gorgeous outdoor patio area. They have a fireplace, heaters, and beautiful draped lights. It's a very romantic setting, and I enjoyed sitting and talking out there. It was a chilly night but the artificial heat was just enough to keep me comfortable. It's really pretty!

Salt Creek Grille (Google Images)

The food and drinks were awesome. Bobby and I both had their Hendricks cucumber collins; essentially a Tom Collins with muddled cucumber. It was on their Happy Hour menu, so only $6, compared to around $12 for many of their other drinks. I really enjoyed it.
Turkey Burger (photo taken by me)

For dinner, I had the Grilled Natural Turkey Burger: feta cheese, cucumbers, sweet peppers, butter lettuce, sweet heirloom tomato marmalade on a whole wheat bun. It was very, very good-- especially the tomato spread on there-- and tasted very healthy. I got a side of sweet potato fries with mine which I loved. They were thinly sliced, wonderfully crunchy and perfectly salted.

Bobby got the Stuffed Blues burger, which is gorgonzola stuffed, arugula, fried onions and blue cheese aioli. It was very good as well; they certainly did not skimp on their cheese! Bobby got the garlic fries that come standard with the burger. I loved those as well; they had parmesan on them and a light garlic flavor.

We loved our food and drinks, but the service was a little off. We had two different servers ask for our drinks, and had no clue which one was "ours". It was a long wait before we even got the Happy Hour menu, and then a long wait for the check. The girl who dropped off our food, not one of the original servers, asked if we needed anything else. Bobby asked for a side of ranch, which he never got. It was an inordinately long wait to have our food picked up after we finished. We were a little annoyed, but the food was good and the servers were polite and professional, so it wasn't a huge deal. Plus, it was so lovely to sit outside on a nice night and enjoy each other's company. 

I'm curious if the spotty service was due to the servers having obligations both indoors and outdoors. They seemed to be running around a lot, and inside was quite a bit busier. Regardless, I was happy with my meal at Salt Creek Grille!

Salt Creek Grille is located at:
760 S Sepulveda Blvd
El SegundoCA 90245

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